Our Story

About Us

Pastor Wade and Jamie Charles have enthusiastically devoted their lives to Jesus Christ in various ministerial capacities for over 25 years. Their love for Jesus and a desire to see as many people saved through Jesus Christ while reaching their full God-given purpose here on earth are always foremost in both the hearts and minds of these Pastors.

It is this appetite for the things of God that has led to a resounding YES when they received God’s call to start not one but two ministries; “Holy Spirit Empowerment Church” and “The School of Practical Ministry” within the community of Claxton Bay Trinidad and environs. Both Pastors agree, that while we are located in Claxton Bay our purpose is to reach those God has called us to reach anywhere in our nation, region, and the world at large.

Both ministries have helped many people in their walk with Jesus and have created an environment conducive to the presence of God allowing anyone desirous of understanding all that is needed to become a disciple of Christ.

When asked what they believe the call of God entails in these ministries they offered the following:

  • Reintroduce the Holy Spirt to the Church
  • Help and heal a hurting community, nation, and world
  • To be conduits of his healing, deliverance, love, and truth
  • Bring restoration
  • Expand His kingdom through Spirit-led discipleship
  • To equip and empower believers to be successful kingdom citizens and pass it on
  • To raise young men and women who are intimately aware of God and walk in His power

Our core conviction: moves us to ensure; that God’s truth his word is always taught, purpose is found and fulfilled, identify and activate the spiritual gifts in believers, to have believers live a free and victorious life in Christ, the move and manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the gathering of the saints, replacement of religion with relationships, and for believers to know the love of God through His Spirit, Son & fellow believers.

Why we desire those things: because we believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first loved us and this has never changed, therefore, this love for us and all of humanity has moved Him to become the answer to a debt-free life through His ultimate sacrifice. In addition, we are certain that the bounties of God’s mercy, goodness, grace, and love is available to a hurting world, to which we are recipients then why should we allow others to live in bondage when we can share this experience with others.

These benefits we received from this loving God have placed a wonderful burden upon our hearts for fellow believers and unsaved alike to truly experience a daily fulfillment that can only be found in Christ. Since our Lord did not call us his own so we can carry life’s burden, we will take every opportunity given to present a life of freedom in Christ Jesus to others and to do so as conduits of grace. It is our hope that through this grace marriages can be healed, families saved and backsliders returned to God.